Feathers & Smoke

A traveling collective of cigar swag.
Cigar shop in historic Alexandria, VA. 

Cigar shop in historic Alexandria, VA. 

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So I finally decided to start this blog after a few trends taking precedence in my life and realizing I wanted to put them all in one place. I also want to make it known that while I do enjoy the design, culture and history of cigars and tobacco, I am not myself an avid cigar smoker (or any smoker, for that matter.) So don’t ask me the difference in burn rate between a corona and a torpedo or something like that, because I really don’t know jack about that kind of stuff.

First and foremost, I have always fostered a love for feathers and any ideas and culture surrounding feathers (long before they were selling feather extensions at mall kiosks and cheapie feather earrings that I often fall prey to). The use of feathers in carvings and illustrations is a beautiful thing that I frequently find myself documenting.

Secondly, I have collected cigar boxes on and off since the 4th grade. I use them as repurposed jewelry boxes, etc., but have always been enamored with the engravings, woodwork and craftsmanship involved in these small tobacco cases. No one in my family smokes cigars, so I found my young self cherishing these little wooden momentos when I could get my hands on them. Now, they’re a regular item in my flea market and antique runs. 

Finally, in my travels lately I seem to have run across many a Native American tobacco statue in front of cigar shops, whether they are on display in the window or simply propping the door open. Each one seems drastically different from the last and possesses a different paint color scheme and carving style all its own. This trend was the main inspiration for this blog, and you will be seeing a great deal of my cigar shop “Indians” from week to week.

I suppose it also helps that my boyfriend is 1/4 Cree and still has tribal ties through his grandmother. I also, like most white people claim, have a smattering of Native American blood in me somewhere according to my grandmother (who heard it from her mother and from her mother so on and so fourth…so who knows). Either way, I have always found Native American tribes and rituals quite fascinating, and the link to cigar advertising is an intriguing area of that fascination that I would like to share.